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Awaken The Spirit
(Sip & Paint Guided Intuitive Workshop)

All of us are creative. All of us were born with an innate ability to use our imagination and express our thoughts and feelings. Yet it seems that as time passes by and we grow up, slowly but surely this ability "fades away" or becomes locked up somewhere that we can no longer reach,  

How can we break out of our everyday locked-up selves that hide our innermost feelings even from our own selves? How can we reach the eternal spirit in our being and connect with it for a creative jouney to be children again, playing with colors and shapes, not worrying about the outcome? I invite you to an adventure to finally let yourself drift away and get immersed in the playing field of your mind called Creativity. 

​The workshop is 3 hours long.  It starts with a casual introduction to the the activity with a relaxing glass of wine to "awaken of the spirit", followed by creative painting with snack breaks at your convenience.​

The price of the (3-hour) workshop is 45 euros per person. All materials for the workshop, such as paints and tools as well as drinks and snacks are included in the price.


It goes without saying that at the end of the workshop you get to take your newly made artwork home with you. 


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