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Applying the power of creation, I offer a series of workshops to help people help themselves reduce their everyday, stress-related fears that keep them from living a better quality life.

At these workshops participants learn how to use art to reduce fears and anxiety while also addressing some of these during the workshops themselves.

No pre-requisites. Participants do not need to know how to draw, paint, etc.

(The workshops only deal with the kind of stress related fear that occupies our minds on an everyday basis and do not offer therapy for phobias like fear of heights, agora phobia, etc. The workshops offer techniques for self-help and are by no means a replacement for professional psychiatric help or therapy by a professional.)

subjects and dates:

The price of each workshop is 45 euros / person

(each workshop is 3 hours long).

All materials are included.


For optimum results, it is best to participate in all workshops. Each person can, however, select and sign up for any number or any combination of workshops, according to their own preferences.


Do NOT bring friends or family (as their presence may keep you from opening up to yourself).

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